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Tiny Tooth Fairy Letters and Packages

Letters | Packages | DIY Tiny Mail Kit | Tooth Fairy FAQ

Are you ready to surprise and delight your child by being the best tooth fairy ever? If so, we can help! Scroll down to learn more about our custom made tiny tooth fairy letters and packages featuring fairy dust, a custom note, and exquisitely detailed packaging. Don't miss the big moment! If the tooth is loose, it's time to order.


Mouseover the image to get a closer look!


Tiny Tooth Fairy Letter

Our original tiny tooth fairy letter never fails to induce squeels of shock and surprise. Personal, unique, and fully customizable. It's something your child will keep for years to come!

  • $10.50, arrives in 3-6 days
  • Includes high-quality magnifying glass, real wax seals, and sparkly fairy dust!

Order (Choose the "Stars w/ Glitter" Option) >>>


Mouseover the image to get a closer look!


Tiny Package with Seed Coins

Seed Money is more fun than the real thing! Carry on the tooth fairy tradition of leaving money under the pillow, but with a new twist. Each paper coin contains seeds to grow wildflowers, herbs, root crops, and lettuces. Include a short note from the tooth fairy and customize the outside of the tiny package!

  • $12.00, arrives in 3-6 days
  • Includes your short custom note, a small pile of Seed Money, and a copy of The Small Times newspaper!

Order (Choose the "Seed Money" Option) >>>


Mouseover the image to get a closer look!


DIY Tiny Mail Kit

Are there more loose teeth in your future? Our Tiny Mail Activity Kit makes it quick and easy to make your own mini-missives from the tooth fairy. Fine-tipped pen, miniature stamps, and pre-cut stationery are all included.

  • $29.00, arrives in 2-5 days
  • Includes everything you need to make 24 tiny tooth fairy letters and 6 tiny packages!

Order (Standard or Deluxe Edition) >>>


Tooth Fairy FAQ

What if I need it right away?

Select "USPS Express" shipping at checkout (US addresses only) and you should have your custom order in 2-4 days. That's as fast as we can possibly get it to you!

Can I see some sample tooth fairy letters?

Sure! We did a whole blog post on sample letters, so click the link below and have fun. You can even cut and paste from these samples and then change the key details if you like.

Tiny Tooth Fairy Letters: Inspiration and Tips >>>

Do you ship to Canada and/or overseas?

Yes, we ship almost everywhere on Earth. International delivery times vary greatly so be sure to order early. See our main FAQ page for more info >>>

Can I order a few and save them so I'm ready next time?

Definitely. Our advice is to be careful not to include a date or any references to specific current events, etc. Keep it sweet and sincere and you'll be safe! Note that you cannot order multiple copies of the same letter or package simply by changing the quantity in your cart. You must submit the same custom info multiple times if you want multiple copies. Use "copy > paste" to save time!

Should I have it mailed to me or my child?

We recommend having it sent to you. That way you can take the tiny letter or package out of the larger mailer before placing it under your child's pillow or carrying out your own tooth fairy tradition. The larger mailers that we use for shipping have other non-tooth fairy related info on the outside!