*You can also visit The World’s Smallest Post Service’s storefront in Downtown Oakland! Grand opening in November 2019!

Tiny Packages

Send someone a tiny surprise today! Be silly, romantic, or witty and whimsical. Your lucky recipient will delight in each exquisite detail.

  • Choose an object from our collection.
  • Select a sweet little message, or write your own!
  • Add personalized “to” and “from” info for the outside.

We’ll make your Tiny Package by hand in our Oakland, CA studio within 2-3 days. Then we’ll mail it to you or directly to your recipient.

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT MAKING CUSTOM TINY MAIL until it’s safe to resume business here in Oakland, California and our team can come back to work in the studio. It’s simply too much for Postmaster Lea to keep up with on her own. Thank you for understanding. Return to the main Tiny Mail area of our shop to find other non-custom tiny mail items that you can order, such as Keep Me Posted stories and Tiny Mail Stationery Sets.¬†

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