The Team

Lea Redmond – Founder, Owner, Designer


Lea is always looking for the poetry hiding inside things — a salt shaker, a clothes tag, a hand gesture, a cloud. She’s made things like crazy since she was a wee-one, and founded Leafcutter and The World’s Smallest Post Service in 2008. Learn more about Lea and opportunities to collaborate with her.

In a parallel universe, Lea is having a picnic on the moon.

Adrienne Suzio – Coordinator of Curios


Adrienne Suzio (she/they) was born at home in Oakland, CA and graduated from Mills College with a BA in Art/Art History/ Book Art/ Poetry. When she isn’t playing with curios for Leafcutter Designs she is a letterpress printer, puppeteer, obsessive redecorator, operations personnel, lover of palindromes, and drinker of too much tea. She enjoys staying home with her cat Redding and fish Freckle watching British murder mysteries.

In a parallel universe she is getting lost in Hogwarts.


J Pansa – Maker Extraordinaire


J is an artist based in Oakland. They received their B.F.A. from UC Berkeley, studying sculpture and installation. J works on beading projects such as reproductions of lavender flowers made from tiny Japanese glass beads. In their free time, they like to hike on an overcast day in the Marin Headlands and Oakland Redwoods.

In a parallel universe, J is a park ranger for the California State Parks, facilitating workshops on park safety and star-gazing practices.