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Promotional Goods for High Response Rates

Caps? Pens? USB drives? Assorted schwag adorned with your logo just won’t cut it anymore.

You want to connect with your customers in a sustained and thoughtful way. They’re looking for a two-way experience and evidence that you share their values. Give them promotional goods they’ve never seen before!

When you’re ready to go beyond the logo, we’d love to work with you. As creatives with a full-service production studio, we design and make playful promotional goods that engage your audience in new and surprising ways.

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Custom Tiny Packages, Letters & Cards

The Original Mini-Missive
We love to play with scale in unexpected ways to create anticipation and surprise. Nowhere is that playfulness more evident than in the miniature mail concepts we’ve designed for our World’s Smallest Post Service. Our various tiny mail creations deliver your message or gift via an exquisitely detailed experience that’s light-hearted, eye-catching, and memorable.

These mini-missives are perfect for:

  • Direct mailings to high-value prospects
  • New product or award announcements
  • Holiday cards or event invitations
  • Customer appreciation
  • Press and partner outreach
  • Thank yous
  • Small corporate gifts

Custom & Personal
Tiny letters, cards, and packages are all easily customized with your logo, color palette, personalized addresses, custom messages, objects, branded magnifying glasses, and red wax seals. We know what works at small scale and can play with images and text to get everything dialed in just right. A well coordinated custom batch of tiny mail will get your message across in a way that resonates as creative, thoughtful, and personal.

The Details…
Various components (wax seals, magnifying glass, objects, etc.) can be mixed and matched across relevant tiny mail formats.

  • The best concepts combine a call to action with a witty message that plays up the miniature theme.
  • Larger envelopes or padded mailers are needed to send tiny missives via regular mail.
  • We can handle the mailing directly to your recipients or can ship everything to you at once.
  • Minimum custom order is 50 units.

Custom Seed Money®

It’s Tender for Tending!
We launched our standard Seed Money line back in 2012 to a tremendous response. Everyone loves the novelty of discovering that each paper coin conceals real live seeds. They’ll grow wildflowers, herbs, salad greens, or root crops. Just plant and water!

We’ve since produced many custom and promotional editions of Seed Money coins for all sorts of companies and organizations. There’s room for a logo, taglines, or a witty message on the actual coins (and/or on the packaging); and plenty of opportunities for word play involving the concepts of growth, change, wealth, etc.. There are also endless options for customization: a full range of paper and ink colors, as well as various sizes and shapes.

Eye-Catching & Tactile
We’ve found that the embossed feel of letterpress printing on handmade paper is simply irresistible in person. You’ll want to pick them up for a closer look and hold them between your fingers. So will your recipients.

Whether you hand them out one at a time as small thank yous, gift them in carefully packaged muslin sacks, or pile them high on a table at a trade show, Seed Money will earn you plenty of curiosity and smiles.

The Details…

  • We can work with your logo and your artwork, or develop new original text and illustrations.
  • Most types of (small) seeds are available, and they really do grow!
  • Minimum custom run is 10,000 coins per design.
  • Smaller quantities are available using our standard US Seed Money with custom packaging.
  • We’ve done jobs as large as 250,000+ coins.

Packaging Options
We have lots of flexibility with various packaging options and can vary the number of coins per unit to meet virtually any budget. Here are a few approaches:

Promotional Goods - Seed Money Loose

Loose, no packaging.

Promotional Goods - Seed Money Packets

Cello packet, 4-20 coins per unit, 2 x 2″ foldover tag.

Promotional Goods - Seed Money Sacks

Cotton sack, 12-50 coins per unit, 2 x 2″ insert card.

Custom Trade Tokens

Start the Exchange
The private money concept behind Trade Tokens dates to Roman times when “spintriae” were minted to fund illicit commerce. During the 2,000 years since, IOUs have appeared in many different forms, including paper coupons, chits and chips, vouchers, and wooden nickels. Trade Tokens are great promotional products:

  • More durable and memorable than paper coupons or discount punch cards.
  • Feels like valuable money, but recipients can only redeem them by following up with you.
  • Once in circulation, they’re infinitely re-usable. Once redeemed, you can hand them out again!

Endless Possibilities
Trade Tokens lend themselves to all sorts of creative uses and configurations; from simple IOUs and discount coupons to elaborate custom sets, “memory” games, tasting menus, etc.. Here are a few concepts we’ve developed with past clients:

  • Food tokens featuring fresh fruits and vegetables for a children’s memory game.
  • Tokens for a high-end restaurant’s special tasting menu event.
  • Coupons for introductory consulting sessions.
  • Drink tokens for a tequila tasting event.
  • 5-20% off discounts for returning retail customers.

The Details…

  • We can work with your logo and artwork, or develop new original text and illustrations.
  • All tokens are stamped by hand with crisp ink.
  • Black ink works best, but other colors are available (one color per side).
  • Minimum custom run is 500 tokens per design.
  • Promotional mixes of our standard Trade Tokens are also available with branding options on the packaging.

Packaging Options
Trade Tokens work great as quick one-off handouts (loose) or as a more significant gift in packaged sets of perhaps six or more tokens. We’ve also designed more elaborate packaging options for specific situations.

Promotional Goods - Trade Tokens Loose

Loose, no packaging.

Promotional Goods - Trade Tokens Sacks

Cotton sack, 3+ tokens per unit, custom ink stamp and optional tag.

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