Postage Stamp Protest

A series of tiny protest signs to be carried through the mail system.


I dream about (and am trying to help co-create) a more peaceful, just world in which all people and the planet itself are respected and treated with love and care.

I love mail, so I’ve put together this new series of postage stamp “protests” consisting of lick-and-stick protest signs that you can add to the postage stamp area of real mail (as long as you also have enough real postage!) Stick ’em on letters to friends as an act of solidarity or to raise consciousness and inspire action. Also stick ’em on your electric bills, rent checks, other random outgoing mail, and anywhere else you’re inspired to!


Send me an SASE for some stamps.
See visual instructions below to the left!

  1. Address an envelope to yourself. Add a stamp. (Optional: $1 donation to cover material costs.)
  2. Put your S.A.S.E. (self-addressed stamped envelope) inside of another envelope and send it to Lea in Oakland. Write “SAY THEIR NAMES” in the corner of the envelope, so Lea knows which edition to send you. Lea’s address: Lea Redmond, 329 15th St., Oakland, CA  94612
  3. Lea will send your pre-stamped envelope back to you with a handful of stamps inside!


If you want tons of stamps: email my assistant Faryn to make arrangements.



• portraits of 85+ marginalized people killed by law enforcement.
• featuring art from Bay Area artist Oree Originol’s ongoing open-source project, JUSTICE FOR OUR LIVES. Watch a 3-min KQED film about Oree, follow Oree on IG, and join me in donating to JFOL via venmo ( to support Oree continuing to make art that matters.


Edition 2: GET OUT THE VOTE (coming soon!)


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You are invited to design and submit your own tiny protest sign for possible inclusion in a future edition of crowd-sourced stamps. Click on the template preview to download the instructions on how to participate.