Dear You,


Thanks for popping in. This is my online shop. I’m Lea. And I love to make things. Find things. Talk about things and write about things. But of course, it’s actually not about “things.” What I really live for are the experiences things can facilitate — the thoughts and feelings they spark, the relationships they encourage, and the new worlds they bring into being.

My business, Leafcutter Designs, has been designing, crafting, and vending provisions for everyday adventures since 2008, and we hope to be making something for YOU soon. 

It all began when I started setting up my tiny post office around town — in a hand-sewn postal uniform with a little wooden doll desk — and transcribing sweet messages for passersby. (Video at bottom of this page!) One tiny letter eventually became thousands, and now here we are, making big batches of tiny mail every week! I designed most of the items you see in the shop currently, and my two awesome helpers — Sonja and Laika — make and ship it all from our studio in Berkeley, California.

We like to think of our online shop as a museum, an experiment, and a conversation. Please enjoy a meander through our curio cabinets, and maybe take something home with you or send a gift. If you’d like to keep in touch, sign up for our newsletter below. We promise to only send you the cream of the crop!

We’re also starting to carry delights made by other folks we admire — curious things we love and want to share with you. More on that soon… you’ll see. I think you’re going to love it. I hope so, at least! Do you make something that might fit in perfectly? Or have a cool tip for us? Drop me a note! lea at leafcutterdesigns dot com.


founder, owner, maker of curious things & postmaster of the WSPS