Care Tags: Wool / Sheep

This garment holds a story…

I designed this tag to honor the people, places, and animals that participate in the making of a hand-knit woolen garment. With the ubiquity of cheap factory-produced clothing, it’s all too easy to forget just how much is involved in the making of things. I learned to spin wool on a sheep farm in Eastern OR as a college student and it forever changed the way I see clothing. Sometimes I spin in public to spark conversation (see below!).

What can you do with these clothing tags?

• sew them into your own hand-knit garments
• sew them into sweaters before donating them to the thrift store
• hide them in people’s pockets, as little contemplative items
• frame them and hang as tiny works of art

Made in the USA. Woven poly. Tags are 1.5″ wide.

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$8.00 (set of 10 tags)

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