What’s In the Kit?

Each tiny mail stationery kit contains materials to make 24 tiny letters, 6 tiny packages, and one 3-D paper mailbox, including:

  • 72 tiny postage stamps
  • 24 stationery sheets
  • 24 mini-envelopes
  • 24 red enclosure stickers to seal up envelopes
  • 4 “Fragile / Tiny / Handle with Care” stickers
  • 4 “Special Delivery” stickers
  • 4 “Air Mail” stickers
  • 4 “This Side Up” stickers
  • 6 kraft boxes to make tiny packages
  • 6 copies of The Small Times newspaper (see it here)
  • 6 sheets of kraft paper to wrap packages
  • 6 lengths of twine to tie packages
  • 1 fine-tipped black writing pen
  • 1 magnifying glass
  • 1 cut-out-and-make mini paper mailbox (see it here)

Tiny Mailbox and Small Times

What’s In the DELUXE Kit?

Everything in the regular kit, PLUS:

  • 16 special mini “security” envelopes
  • 8 white lined stationery sheets
  • 8 yellow lined stationery sheets
  • 4 more “Fragile / Tiny / Handle with Care” stickers
  • 4 more “Special Delivery” stickers
  • 4 more “Air Mail” stickers
  • 4 more “This Side Up” stickers
  • 1 “VIA AIR MAIL” ink stamp
  • 1 “SPECIAL DELIVERY” ink stamp
  • 1 postage cancellation ink stamp
  • 1 mini black ink pad
  • 1 mini red ink pad
  • 8 translucent mailing envelopes
  • 8 round World’s Smallest Post Service stickers

Everyone Loves Homemade Tiny Mail…

Tiny Mail Stationery Kit - Cool Mom Picks
“Filled with great big awesomeness!”

Tiny Mail Stationery Kit - Paper Pastries
“Everything is mini and adorable! So well thought out and executed.”

“Wavy edges on the stamps…and made in California!”

Tiny Mail Stationery Kit

Create super-adorable tiny letters and packages with the DIY home version of our popular World’s Smallest Post Service. Miniature envelopes, stationery, stamps, kraft boxes, and a fine-tipped pen make it easy to write big-hearted mini-hellos to close friends, or package one-of-a-kind mementos for special occasions. Prove to the world that the best things do come in small packages.

Tiny Mail Kit: $29.00

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DELUXE Tiny Mail Kit: $47.00

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Refill: Stationery & Envelopes


Deliver 24 more mini-missives to surprised friends and family! Includes 24 blank stationery sheets, 12 “airmail” envelopes, 12 blank envelopes, and 36 round stickers to seal up the envelopes.

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Refill: Security Stationery & Envelopes


Deliver 16 more top-secret diminutive letters to stunned friends and family! Includes 8 sheets of lined stationery in white, 8 sheets of lined stationery in yellow, 16 security envelopes with various designs, and 36 round stickers to seal up the envelopes.

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Refill: Tiny Postage Stamps


Running low on World’s Smallest stamps? These one-cent wonders will make sure your tiny mail gets where it’s going! Includes a total of 144 tiny stamps: 36 each of inchworms, hearts, snails, and fireflies.

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Extra: Tooth Fairy Add-On


Open your own tiny tooth fairy post office! This add-on kit includes materials to make six (6) custom cards from the tooth fairy, including small cards, colorful envelopes, tiny hot-air balloon postage stamps, and plenty of star glitter. They’ll never forget a special visit from the tiny tooth fairy!

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