A Sky Scarf documents the weather outside your window. Each day – rain or shine – you will knit a stripe in colors that match the sky. It will be lovely to see how our different climates result in different scarves! I started mine in the springtime in Northern California and loved watching the colors evolve as the seasons changed.

Be sure to watch the 4-minute video below to get started!

Sky Scarf Yarn Kit

When you wear your Sky Scarf around town, someone is bound to ask you about it. And when they do, you’ll tell them it’s the story of your year, from inky black thunderstorms to clear sapphire skies. You’ll show them when summer finally began or a long white winter closed in for good. And you’ll remember how calm it made you feel to look up and appreciate the sky every day for a full year.

Sorry, we’re out of stock! Sourcing wholesale yarn is a real headache! But we recommend buying these 5 colors of Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace over at LoveKnitting.com:
medium grey
*this is the exact yarn that we used to put in our kit. It’s perfect for a Sky Scarf!


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