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Print + Play

These are strange times, my friends. My storefront is closed, but my heart is open. I hope you are in a cozy nook of the world right now. I know safe homes are not available to everyone, and this is an especially difficult time for that to be the case. I am moved by the hard work and courage of our essential service workers. My heart goes out to them. And my heart goes out to you too. I am taking this time to reflect and to connect with the people I love – including people around the world who I don’t even know. This health crisis has the ability to serve as a wise wake-up call to humanity, reminding us that we are all connected in myriad complex webs of relation. We must tend those links carefully, with intelligence, beauty, and courage.

We’re not shipping goods right now, but I still want to put lovely things into your hands, so here are some free “print + play” activities for you to enjoy. May they bring you a smile, a delightful diversion, and a little bit of hope.

Issue #1: Hold The World Dear

$--> Free!

Print in color or black & white.
• make a little origami world to reflect upon
• fold with care and keep it safe
• if you get stuck, watch my video instructions!

Issue #1: Certificates of Achievement

$--> Free!

Print in color or black & white.
• award your loved ones for cooking, hugs, jokes, patience, etc.
• print as many as you want and keep ’em handy!