The Perfect Gift

Gift giving is a beautiful, yet tricky act!

Lea would love to help! Hire Lea as a consultant on your gift project, or order her workbooklet and give her design process a go on your own. Lea’s approach goes beyond “object” gifts and makes “experience” primary. Sure, there may be objects and materials involved, but there will be so much more because you’ve designed the whole gesture with experience in mind.

Consultation includes:
• sending Lea a completed survey related to your gift occasion
• a 1/2 hour creative chat (via phone, video chat, or in-person in Downtown Oakland)
• by the end, you should have multiple great ideas to choose from, develop further, make, purchase, find, etc.

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$5.00 for Lea's DIY workbooklet

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$100.00 for a consultation with Lea (via phone, video chat, or in person)

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