Pale Blue Stitch is a creative knitting project for a stunning and original scarf. It’s based the idea of a cosmic calendar, popularized by Carl Sagan. In this free pattern, we’ve translated the cosmic calendar into a linear timeline that asks you to ponder the vast expanse of space and time as you knit a darkly beautiful 5½-foot scarf.

Thin stripes in many vibrant colors mark significant moments in the history of the universe and life on Earth. Each and every stitch represents 400,000 years, and you won’t mark the presence of human beings until the last few stitches!

Pale Blue Stitch Yarn Kit

The universe is a mostly cold and dark place, interrupted by fleeting pockets of brilliant light. Stitch your way from the Big Bang to this very moment, while you ponder the many wonders of life on our little blue planet. Then proudly wrap yourself in the folds of time and let the story of our cosmos keep you warm.


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