Mood Scarf is a month-long introspective journey. At the end of each day, you’ll notice and reflect upon your feelings and emotions, adding rows to your scarf that represent your mood (or moods) from that day. Your emotional self-awareness will grow alongside your scarf. Orange for thrilled, passionate, or excited. Yellow for calm, relaxed, or even-keeled. Green for slightly hesitant, indifferent, or passive. Blue for sad, stressed, or anxious.

The Mood Scarf acts as a daily reminder to take stock of how you feel, to contemplate the significance of your emotions, and perhaps even to cultivate positive changes in your life – be they big or small, internal or environmental.

Mood Scarf Yarn Kit

Most people who find true happiness, don’t just happen to find it. They cultivate it by practicing self-awareness and an acceptance of the full range of their emotions.

The Mood Scarf pattern asks you to pay close attention to your feelings and knit a little bit of yourself each day for one month. In return, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful record of your inner journey and a roadmap to your own emotional well being.


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The Mood Scarf Yarn Kit includes everything you need to knit a one-of-a-kind full length scarf:

  • 100% Peruvian highland wool for a substantial scarf that’s warm and cozy.
  • Four (4) different colors in subtle shades to signify common (and complex) emotions.
  • 100 grams / 220 yards (200m) of each color, plenty of yarn for a full length scarf.
  • Gauge: 4.5-5 sts = 1″ (2.5cm) – US Size 7-8.
  • Also includes Mood Scarf pattern printed on card stock and an official patch to sew into your finished scarf.