What are the Letter Prompts?

  1. When I imagine myself all grown up… [pick from list of activities]
  2. My room is like this… [draw a floorplan, include favorite items]
  3. When I was little… [ask family members for stories]
  4. Here’s a little bit about my family… [“likes to talk about x, likes to eat x,” etc.]
  5. Let me tell you about school… [“my favorite teacher is x, I’m reading x,” etc.]
  6. My friends and I love to… [“At school we x, After school we x,” etc.]
  7. I know it by heart… [important songs, quotes, poems, etc.]
  8. This is a very special place… [draw favorite place, write about it too]
  9. If I become a world leader… [5 things to try to accomplish]
  10. This is what’s on my mind right now… [“I’m thinking a lot about x, I’m feeling x,” etc.]
  11. A pep talk for my future self… [“If you have a crummy day…, If you’re nervous…,” etc.]
  12. Happy Birthday to Me! [Fill in the blank birthday wishes]

Letters To Me, When I Grow Up

Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.

You’ll only be a kid once! Capture the magic by drawing and writing twelve letters to your grown-up self. Fill them with stories about today and dreams of tomorrow. Draw a floor plan of your room. Tell the future you all about your closest friends and favorite places.

  • My room is like this…
  • If I become a world leader…
  • My friends and I love to…

Close up the letters with the included stickers and store them in a safe place. Break the seals years from now to appreciate who you once were and admire how far you’ve come.


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