A few examples of how a dice roll turns into a conversation topic:

Maybe you’d talk about a first date, or even how bad your first kiss was because you totally froze up. Or maybe you’d have a conversation about evolution and the “primordial soup” where life began. Instead, maybe this roll would spark a conversation about kindergarten memories, or when you first started taking ceramics (or tae kwon do) classes.

Will you tell the story of when you were floating on a lake on an inner tube, playing Tetris or Candy Crush on your smart phone, and then accidentally dropped your phone in the water?! Or maybe you’ll debate the various merits of dams and damming rivers — the fun of a reservoir for recreation, but the harm to salmon runs.

This roll could spark a conversation about genetic engineering. Or maybe the fact that you’ve just started taking nettles supplements for your allergies and you’re trying to figure out if it’s helping or not. You’ve also heard that eating local honey can help allergies, because the bees drew the nectar from the same plants releasing the pollen that is causing your allergies. Cool, huh?

Perhaps this roll inspires a person to ask everyone at the table: “If you had to pinky promise me that you will visit a certain foreign country before you die, where would you choose?” And then everyone would take turns sharing the country, and why they want to go there.

How do you feel about circuses? Is that really good for the animals? How about stuffed animals in natural history museums? What if the stuffed animals died naturally? And how about zoos? Maybe the educational value of a few animals not being free, can cultivate the cultural values to keep more wildlife thriving in the wild. Instead, maybe you have a fond memory of visiting an aquarium as a child. Your favorite part was getting to see jelly fish up close! Or perhaps your version of a “museum” was a real, living tide pool because you grew up on the coast? And “freedom” was the emotion you felt as you wandered the pools, exploring.

Conversation Dice

Get the Conversation Rolling!

What I love most about my Conversation Dice is that I can roll them when visiting with dear friends — people who I think I know all too well — and suddenly they are telling me stories and dreams and opinions that I had no idea they had! These dice seriously work, and promise to tease out chats with friends (both new and old pals) that are meaningful, deep, fun, silly, serious, and everything in between. They’re simple to use: just roll a few dice and look for a conversation topic in the word combination. Use your associative thinking skills and be as creative as you like! If there’s a lull, toss in an additional die or roll the pink “spark die” to guide the conversation’s next turn.


SEE BELOW for example rolls and the conversations they might lead to!

30 wooden dice — 180 words — provide almost endless combinations to talk about!

Psst: these also work great for generating creative writing and journalling topics!

By Lea, published by Chronicle Books.

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