P.S. Vintage stamps are still valid postage. You can use these stamps to send mail, just be sure the cent values add up to the total required amount! You’ll need to put multiple stamps on one envelope.

Tiny Mail Advent Calendar

A special delivery for every day from December 1 through January 1!

I designed this special edition tiny mail collection last winter as a birthday present for my mom, and now I offer it to you! For the month of December, count down the days to New Year’s with this set of 32 tiny letters! The visual treat inside each little envelope is a vintage or antique postage stamp for you to enjoy with the included magnifying glass. And each envelope is addressed with a unique “to” and “from” that serves as a clue to the postage stamp inside. The outsides of the envelopes are numbered 1-31 and “Jan 1” so you know when to open each one.

I had so much fun choosing 32 neat old postage stamps for this. I hope you have fun with it too! xo, Lea

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