1. Choose a tiny letter or card design.

All designs include your custom note inside and can be used for any occasion.

Regular 2-fold Letter

Heart - love, Valentine's Day, friendship

Cupcake - birthday, party invitation

Stars - tooth fairy, friendship, celebration

Flowers - Mother's Day, get well soon, happy spring

Ladybug - friendship, a little hello, baby announcement

Rose - love, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day

Baby Rattle - new baby, baby shower invitations

Dinosaur - because dinosaurs are awesome

Firefly - hello

Kite - let's play, picnic invitations, Father's Day

Monkey - fun for kiddos of all ages including grown-ups!

Bicycle - good times, hello, let's hang out, missing you

Pine Cone - missing you, hello, adventure invitations

Special Delivery Bird - hello, thinking of you

Graduation - congrats

Easter Egg - happy spring

Snowflake - season's greetings, holiday, winter solstice

Holly - holiday cheer, Christmas

Stocking - holiday, Christmas, or for knitters!

Gingerbread Cookie - season's greetings

Menorah - holiday, Chanukah

Dove - hello, peace on earth, season's greetings

2. Address your tiny letter.

Get creative! This does not need to be a real address.
For example:

Guess Who?!
Snowed In
Winter Wonderland
   The Tooth Fairy
Enamel Palace
301 Brushem Lane
   Your Sis
House with Lemon Tree
Oakland, CA
Big Strange World

3. Write your letter

Write your own message from scratch or choose from one of our starter messages and edit it to your liking.

You have reached the character/line limit

4. Shipping

Where shall we mail your tiny letter?

Directly to your recipient? Or to you for safe keeping or hand-delivery?

Must be a valid postal address!



Enter opening instructions (optional)
35 characters max.

Your email address
(In case we need to reach you about your custom info.)

5. Add a response certificate?

Would you like to pre-pay for your recipient to write you back with a tiny letter, card, or package of their own design? If you select “YES,” we will send them a beautiful certificate with a pre-paid code to redeem here on our site.

Sending tiny mail is as fun as receiving it. Spread the love!