Tiny Tilden Treehouse Post Office: Update #1


Tiny Tilden Treehouse Post Office: Update #1

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Been wondering what’s new at the Tiny Tilden Post Office? So have we!

This post is #2 in a series about the Tiny Tilden Post Office.
Read the first post from July 2014 here.

We’re delighted to say that the Tiny Tilden Post Office is still humming along nicely. Lea has been doing regular drop ins for the past year or so to collect the mail, check for water damage, and tidy up the office. It’s been fun to see how curious hikers have added all sorts of lovely details, including a yellow coat hanger, a flower pot, tons of fan mail, and even a stuffed red horse. Every time we stop by, we’re surprised by something new and wonderful!

Here’s how the tiny Tilden Post Office looked upon arrival on our most recent visit:


We never know what wonders we’ll find with each new visit!

Mail Run!

See that big colorful pile of paper in the back corner? That’s all the fan mail that’s been left for the forest creatures that keep the post office running smoothly when we’re not around. There are notes to fairies, bugs, and just about anything else you might come across deep in the woods. Every single letter is playful and sweetly written. If you stop by, be sure to read a note or two and maybe write one yourself!


If you visit, feel free to read the lovely notes folks are leaving behind!


One month’s worth of mail volume for the Tiny Tilden Post Office.

A New Scene

We did a bit of re-arranging to set the stage for the next round of curious hikers. The champagne topper that someone left behind is a nice touch and made a perfect perch for the new red horse. Did they uncork the bottle right there in the woods or make a special point to carry this unique stool all the way out here? And the flower pot is just the right scale for the writing desk. Nice!

See the small letter on the chair? That one is the real thing. Someone wrote a tiny note and even included a small envelope with an actual address and a real stamp. So we picked it up, carefully put it in a translucent envelope, and then mailed it off. Perhaps we’ll get a reply someday!


The letter on the chair is real. A stamp was included so we mailed it!

(Minor) Water Damage

Despite the drought, we did have a bit of water damage from recent spring rains. The bulletin board came off the wall so we had to carefully re-attach it, just underneath the wall clock. It can get pretty tight working in such a small cramped space. It takes a steady hand and plenty of patience.



Give & Take

It’s been 18 months since we first set up this knotty outpost on the Curran Trail, and over that time the fixtures and residents of the post office have turned over many many times. Where do things go when they disappear? Where is the mini wall map of the British Isles? Is it hanging in someone’s doll house somewhere? And whatever became of Freddy and Penelope? Fortunately, for every item that manages to wander off, something else new and remarkable seems to appear at the same time. We hope to see this ebb and flow continue for years to come!

If you’re ever near the intersection of the Curran and Wildcat Gorge Trails, wander over for a quick look around. You just might stumble upon a tiny something to write home about.

Have photos to share from a recent visit to the Tiny Tilden Post Office? Tag them with #tildenpo so we can find and share them with everyone!

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