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More Message Ideas for Tiny Packages

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As postmasters of the World’s Smallest Post Service we have the distinct privilege of helping you to delight folks around the world by sending love, humor, and surprise in the smallest parcels you ever saw. Have a lot to say? Our Tiny Letters & Cards are the way to go! Want to make a big impression with a short punchy message or a perfect turn of phrase? Then explore the 40+ objects and message combinations of our line of Tiny Packages.

On the main ordering page, each Tiny Package edition is shown with its own default message option. And if the default message isn’t quite your cup of tea, you can customize it to say whatever you want.

Need help figuring out exactly what to say? Well then the list below will be a big help!

Here is a long list of some of our favorite alternative phrases for you to use in your next custom Tiny Package order. Some of these were conjured up by our many creative customers, while others are just plain punny, witty, or too obvious to ignore! This is a living and breathing list, so feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments. We’ll be sure to include the best ones in future updates to the list.

Tiny Package Message Ideas: Here We Go…



Can’t celebrate your day without a cake!

Don’t worry, you can do it! It’ll be a piece of cake.

I hope your birthday is layered with fun!

A party without cake is just a meeting.

Besides cake, you’re my favorite.




Welcome home!

Mahalo for all your help.

I wanted to dole out some big thanks.


Flower Bouquet


You are going to make a beautiful bride.

Will you be my bridesmaid?

You’ll do great! Break a leg.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.




Hop on over here and show me some lovin’.

My heart leaps for you.

You are unfrogettable.

Hoppy Birthday!

If I kiss you will you be my prince?

I’d jump at the chance to be with you.

Have I toad you lately? I’m glad we’re friends.




Hooray you did it!

Congratulations to the newlyweds.

Celebrate today and everyday.




Thank you for the invaluable help.

You are priceless and beautiful.

You sparkle from the inside.

You brighten my day.




I’m bananas for you.

I’d go bananas without you.

Love you bunches.

Thanks a bunch.

You’re the best of the bunch! Thank you!

You’ve got curb a-peel galore!




Just flying by to say you’re awesome.

You make my heart soar.

I just plane like you.

I hope your birthday is just plane fun.

It’s plane to see we’re perfect together.

Let’s fly away together.

You’ve got me flying high.

Love is in the air.


Earth Balloon

world balloon

You’re my world.

You mean the world to me.

You’re out of this world.

I love you to the end of the earth.

You put me on top of the world.

You are worth every mile between us.

In all the world, there’s no one like you.

You deserve the world!

I’d swim the seven seas for you.



light bulb

Something small to brighten your day…

Happy graduation! Go light up the world.

Thanks for always brightening my day.

Here’s to a bright future!

You make my heart glow.

You are my light in shining armor.




Wherever you are is right where I want to be.

A compass to guide your way to me.

When I follow my heart it leads me to you.

To your best adventures yet! Happy Birthday!

My love for you is all-encompassing.

I sure like where this is going!

I’d be so lost without you.

Thanks for always being my guide.

Oh the places you’ll go!

Distance means so little when you mean so much.

I love getting lost with you.

May we always find our way back to each other.

This should point you back in the right direction.

Your love is magnetic.

You make me point in the happiest direction.

I was lost but then I found you.


Soccer Ball

soccer ball

My goal is to love you ‘til the end!

I’m on your team.

I get a kick out of you.

You’re an all-star.

You’ve won my heart.

You make me want to scream goooooaaaaalllll!


Spinning Top


You are my top choice.

I’m in a spin over you.

You make my heart spin.

You spin me right round.


Wine Glasses

wine glasses

Cheers! Wishing you much success!

Here’s to enjoying life’s little pleasures.

Cheers to your good health.

You’re like a fine wine.

Happy 21st! This is how much you should drink tonight 😉

A tiny toast to our big plans!

Cheers to us.




Let’s erase the past and start fresh.

Make no mistake, you’re my favorite.

You’ll never be erased from my heart.

It’d be a mistake to do anything but love you!

I can’t erase you from my mind.




Your love really hits the spot.

I’ve been bitten by the love bug.

Can I bug you to be mine?

I’m bugging out! Congratulations!

Heard some bug got you. Feel better soon!



We make a great pair!

Hope you’ll pair off with me.

You are pear-fect.

Here’s a pear of words for you: Thank You!

Nothing compears to time spent with friends.

Congratulations on becoming new pearents!

Wooden Hanger


Missing you lately, let’s hang out soon!

I love hanging out with you.

I know it’s rough but hang in there!

Fire Extinguisher


I’m burning up for you.

I am, getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off.

This is no false alarm…

You wanna stop, drop, and roll with me?

To help extinguish your stress.

You’re hotter than a 3-alarm fire.

Sugar Cube

sugar cube

You are the sweetest person I know.

Hey Sugar, you bowl me over!

Just a spoonful of sugar…. Get well soon.



Who needs diamonds when I’ve got you?

I treasure our friendship.

They say diamonds are forever, but you’re even better!

Don’t let anything dull your sparkle.

You’re as solid as a rock!

You rock my world.

You shine so brightly.



In a nutshell, you’re all I need.

I’m going nutty without you around. Miss you!

Thank you for helping with our little peanut.

Chocolates (special red package)


I hope your day is even better than chocolate.

Who cares about falling in love. I’d rather fall in chocolate.

When the going gets tough, eat chocolate!

Don’t let the darkness get you down!




Glad we took this chance.

I like how you roll.

No matter how they tossed the dice. It had to be.

Being with you is paradise.

I’m glad we roll together.

Love is a gamble. Wanna roll the dice?


Bouncy Ball


Thanks for lunch. I had a ball!

No worries! I’m sure you’ll bounce back soon!

You make my heart bounce.

Get the party rolling and have a ball. Happy Birthday!

Being with you is such a ball.

Looking forward to bouncing through this year with you.




You’re a lifesaver, thanks so much!

I’m sorry. I really mint to call you…

Thanks for your encouragemint.

Your help mint so much to me. Thanks!

Take a breath and do your best!




Your life is your story. Write well. Edit often.

Our story is yet to be written.

For the memories we’ll make together.


Disco Ball

disco ball

Let’s go dancing!

Happy Birthday! Have a ball.

Let’s party like it’s 1999!

You’re groovy, friend!

Follow the call of the disco ball.



Birds of a feather…

You’ve got my heart all a-flutter.

Aviary day I think of you and smile.

Sorry if I ruffled your feathers.

It was love at first flight…

Will you be my tweetheart?

Happy Birthday to one cool chick.

Cherry Blossom


You’re my favorite flower.
I’d pick you every time.
I love how our relationship is blossoming.
Happy Spring!




Holy cow! I love you so much!

Thanks for helping me moooove.

I hoof to tell you, I love our friendship.

Monopoly Houses


Congrats on your new home.

Can’t wait to build a life together.

Home is wherever you are.



Sending you peace and comfort.

Let’s fly away together.

Sending congratulations on your wedding day.

I dove you so much.

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    April 16, 2016 at 8:16 pm

    This is so awesome! Is it possible to purchase the little items you mail out in a pack? And can one purchase refills on the boxes?
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