Tiny Tooth Fairy Letters & Cards: Inspiration & Tips


Tiny Tooth Fairy Letters: Inspiration & Tips

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Thanks to recent coverage in Parents Magazine, lucky kids all over the world are waking up to find tiny tooth fairy letters under their pillows. Mini missives from the World’s Smallest Post Service, bursting with fairy dust and sweet sentiments, are delivering surprise, delight, and wonder!


We’ve been so inspired by the creative and clever work of the many parents who have recently ordered these custom tiny tooth fairy letters and cards. To help you out, we’ve assembled some sample text for all you aspiring tooth fairies (wink wink, that’s you!). Feel free to cut and paste as you like or just use these sample tooth fairy letters to get the creative process flowing. In the end, remember to make it personal and stay in character. You know, make it sound like something Twinkle, Bella, or Miss T. Fairy might say!

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Here are the three samples we’ve whipped up…

Tooth Fairy Letter Sample #1

Tooth Fairy Letters - Sample 1

The Tooth Fairy
321 Sparkle Street
The Enameled Palace
Kingdom of Wisdom (Teeth)

Sweet Sierra
Under Her Pillow
Somerville, MA  XOXOX

Dear Sierra,

Congratulations on losing your FIRST tooth. It’s a gem!

You were very brave yesterday. I have been waiting and waiting–just like you! I am so full of joy that I did a few extra twirls in the air as I flew to your house from The Enameled Palace.

Each time you lose a tooth, I will leave a little treat for you under your pillow. Enjoy!

Remember to brush and floss every day. And don’t eat too many sweets because they aren’t good for your teeth. Besides, you are sweet enough already!

I look forward to next time. Tell your sister, Taylor, I say hello!

Your Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Letter Sample #2

Tooth Fairy Letters - Sample 2

T. Fairy
123 Brushem Lane
Pixie Hollow
Where Everything Always Sparkles

The Amazing Sam
Epic Tooth-Loser
The Blue House on the Corner
Seattle, WA  98105

Dear Sam,

Another tooth already–wow!!! You have lost so many teeth this month that I have memorized the route from Pixie Hollow to your house in Seattle! I could hardly believe it when I saw your name again on tonight’s tooth pick-up report.

I must say, tonight’s tooth is in particularly excellent condition. You obviously take very good care of your teeth. This is one of the strongest, finest teeth I have ever collected. It has a good chance of making it into the “Tooth of the Month” glass case back at the castle. Did I every tell you what we fairies do with all the teeth we collect? The best ones get chiseled into keys for tiny fairy pianos. The ones with cavities end up as kitchen cupboards or sometimes get used like bricks for streets.

My wings are a little tired from all the flying I’ve done tonight, so I best be on my way. Until next time! Keep those beautiful teeth coming!

Yours truly,
T. Fairy

Tooth Fairy Letter Sample #3

Tooth Fairy Letters - Sample 3

Flossy the Tooth Fairy
A Magical Land
Right Under Your Nose

Amy the Great (tooth brusher!)
In the Tall Apartment
with window box tomatoes XOXOX

Hi Amy,

Thank you for this beautiful, shiny tooth! I’m excited to add it to my collection. I am leaving you a shiny coin in exchange.

You take very good care of your teeth! Be sure to keep cleaning all the little crevices where the “sugar bugs” like to hide. Brush and floss every single day–twice!

It has been fun to see how well you are doing in art class and soccer this year. Keep up the good work! And you have a beautiful smile that lights up those around you.

Sweet dreams, dear girl!

Hugs and kisses and toothpaste,

Two Final Tooth Fairy Letter Tips

Given that you’ll be the one to carefully place one of these tiny tooth fairy letters under your child’s pillow, here are a couple recommendations for smooth sailing once that all-important tooth finally drops free.

1) When typing in the shipping address for your tiny tooth fairy letter, send it to yourself–not directly to your child–and snatch it up at your mailbox, secretly sneaking it under your child’s pillow. This is the most authentic way to approach this very sensitive task.

2) If it’s important that the tooth fairy visits your home the same day a tooth is lost, be sure to order early. If the tooth is loose, it’s time to place your order! That way, you’ll have the little missive ready and waiting for the big day. You can even stock up by ordering a handful of tiny cards at a time if it looks like there are more lost teeth on the horizon.

Okay, good luck and happy writing!


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