Tiny Home: "Til I Kissed Ya" - Live From the Leafcutter Studio!


“Til I Kissed Ya,” Live From the Leafcutter Studio

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What if we put on a tiny-themed concert? With tiny bouncers guarding the door. And tiny beverages. And tiny donuts and popcorn too. And our favorite musical duo Sonya & Gabe, who just happen to call themselves Tiny Home. What would it be like?

We were curious, so we did it!

And Tiny Home put together this awesome video to share the magic of the evening with you. Enjoy!

This memorable night of tiny wonders was only possible because so many fans of Tiny Home and The World’s Smallest Post Service chipped in to help make it happen. We turned our design studio upside-down for this special evening, made our giant work table into a stage, strung twinkling lights from the ceiling, and rounded up every chair we could find. We even perforated the tiny admission tickets so concert-goers could retain their stub for our end of the evening raffle. It was a very full house!

Tiny Bouncers

Tiny bouncers checked IDs at the door and kept everyone in line!

Tiny Refreshments

Chase Clark prepared a full spread of tiny refreshments.

Mini popcorn

We popped amaranth seeds instead of corn. Voila! Tiny popped kernels!

Go ahead, have three donuts! Guilt-free.

Go ahead, have three donuts! Guilt-free.

Tiny Tea Cups

Mint tea was served in tiny tea cups from Lea’s collection.

Sonya and Friends

Sonya chats with friends before the show.

Tiny Home Concert Crowd

Thanks to all for a memorable evening!

Tiny Home = Sonya & Gabe

How uncanny and fitting it was that Sonya, original tiny-mail-maker extraordinaire, happened to already have a band named Tiny Home! Sonya and Gabe are mesmerizing and the audience was truly spellbound.

Tiny Home plays a lot of weddings these days and also does private parties and house concerts. If you’re getting married or just really love their sweet style, check out more Tiny Home videos and then hire them for your event. They’re also great DJs and can take care of all the sound system details for you too.

Special Thanks To:

  • Chase Clark: Our good friend, and proprietor of The Black Squirrel craft shop, made a mind-boggling spread of tiny treats for concert goers to enjoy. Donuts made from cheerios! Rice crackers as “plates” for the world’s smallest carrot sticks and tiniest dollop of hummus!
  • Tiny Bouncers: You know who you are! Nice job collecting tickets, checking IDs, and keeping things under control. We’d hire you again!


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