St Patrick's Day Cards: DIY Pressed Clovers


St Patrick’s Day Cards: DIY Pressed Clovers

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With all the rain we’ve been getting here in California, flowers and green shoots are popping up everywhere. Even the cracks in the sidewalks have sprouted! Inspired by the newly sprung beauty, I decided to pick and press a few tiny clovers to make St Patrick’s Day cards with our DIY Tiny Mail Kit. You can of course use this technique with regular full size stationery or whatever you have on hand, but it sure is fun to play with scale!

DIY St Patrick’s Day Cards

Step 1: Pick

Pick some appropriately sized specimens. If you can find a four-leafer, by all means pick it! But don’t spend too much time looking. Only about 1 of every 10,000 clovers has four leaves. And only 1 of every 1,000,000 clovers has five leaves!

Picked Clovers for St Patrick's Day Cards


Step 2: Dry

Make sure your clovers are free of any excess moisture and then press them gently face down on some paper. I used a folded brown paper grocery bag. Try to flatten each clover out as much as possible without crushing the stems or leaves.

Preparing Clovers for St Patrick's Day Cards


Step 3: Press for a Week

Cover the flattened clovers with another layer of paper to create a nice flat clover sandwich. Then carefully place everything under a stack of big heavy books. War and Peace should do the trick. Wait one week.

Pressing Clovers for St Patrick's Day Cards


Step 4: Attach & Be Witty

After a week, take a peek! Your clovers should be dry and ready to go. A few dabs of well placed rubber cement or a light touch with a glue stick should be sufficient to keep your specimens attached to your tiny stationery. Glue dots work great too. Add a short personal note and don’t forget to sign it.

St Patrick's Day Cards - Almost Finished
Need help coming up with some witty lines or sincere ways to say Happy St Patrick’s Day? Here are a few kernels of creativity to get you started:

  • I’m so lucky to have found you!
  • I’d follow you to the end of the rainbow and back.
  • I battled this clover and won. Aren’t you impressed?
  • You deserve a four leaf clover. Until then, will you settle for me?

Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities!

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