Letters From Santa: 7 Jolly Options for Magic by Mail!


Letters From Santa: 7 Magical Options

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Bring the magic of Christmas up a notch with personalized letters from Santa, straight from the North Pole. Here’s a list of our seven favorite Santa letter writing ideas. 


1. Free Printable Letterhead From Santa Claus

Letters from Santa - Letterhead

We love this simple printable Santa letterhead because its free and its great for last minute letters from Santa. You can print it on any paper but a nice pulpy textured paper will look more authentic. If you’re really out of time, you can have Santa jot a quick note on Christmas Eve and then leave it by the plate of cookies to be discovered in the morning. Or send it through the USPS a week or two in advance to get that official North Pole postmark.


2. Instant Download Letter & Envelope Template

Letters from Santa - Template Download

Popular Etsy seller My Party Design will create an instant Letter from Santa download for you with editable text. At purchase, you get a digital file for a letter, an envelope, and an address label to print at home. The file has default text that you can edit or change completely. They even give you instructions and have a helpful FAQ. The envelope comes designed with a reindeer stamp and a North Pole cancellation. Perfect to leave in the mailbox for your child to discover.


3.  Letter From Santa and Reindeer Food 

Letters from Santa - Wax Seal Scroll

This elegant scroll is wrapped in ribbon and wax sealed. It’s sent directly to your child in a candy cane striped mailing tube along with a vial of reindeer food. You provide simple details about the recipient, and Legendary Letters sends it directly from the North Pole to your mailbox.


4. Parchment Paper Scroll From Santa

Letters from Santa - Fancy Scroll

You provide the contents of the letter, then Etsy seller Artful Beginnings formats it to your specifications and prints it up on yellowed parchment paper with a hand drawn metallic edge. You can add hand painted gold or silver wooden finials for a hint of officialness. The scroll is 5 inches wide by a full 15 inches long. This fancy letter from Santa comes packaged in a kraft keepsake box that Santa can leave on Christmas Eve with the rest of the gifts.


5. Handwritten Letters From Santa

Letters from Santa - Handwritten

This letter from Santa option is hand-scribed on Saint Nicholas letterhead. It comes in an addressed and postmarked envelope straight from Santa’s workshop to discover in your mailbox. This option is simple and classic. With the right custom text, you can’t go wrong.


6. World’s Smallest Letters From Santa

Tiny Letters from Santa

A magical Tiny Letter from the World’s Smallest Post Service is small enough for the elves to deliver. These diminutive letters from Santa really make a big impact! Or send it from your Elf on the Shelf…


7. Foiled Santa Claus Stationery

Letters from Santa - Foil Stationery

This is a set of two pages “From the Desk of Santa Claus” complete with a postmarked red envelope with Santa’s return address. What makes this stationery kit stand out is the red foiled letter head. The snowflake postmark is perfect for leaving underneath the tree a few days before Christmas, as if it flew through the chimney and landed just for the recipient. This shop also offers beautiful ‘From Santa’ gift labels to add to the magic.


Letters From Santa: A Few Final Tips

  • After you’ve written a draft, have a friend or relative pen the final letter from Santa so your hand-writing doesn’t give you away.
  • When responding as Santa, make the response as personal as possible. Remember, Santa knows everything and everyone!
  • If you want to go the extra mile, you can put your letter in an envelope and have the US Postal Service officially postmark it from the North Pole. They have handy step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.

Be sure to tell us about your own Santa letter traditions in the comments below!

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  1. Emma B.

    November 18, 2016 at 2:47 am

    WOW there are so many lovely letters. Thanks for sharing. I normally use Magic Santa Letter which are stunning and my kids love them!! XX

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