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Leafcutter Image Uploader

Welcome to the Leafcutter Designs image uploader! We’re glad you’re here and we’re looking forward to seeing what you’d like to share with our community. Please use the form below to submit your image(s). It can be any size up to 5MB, but higher resolution images usually work best. Thanks!

Acceptable file types: JPG, GIF and PNG. Size limit is 5MB per image.

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Please Note:
1. By submitting your image you agree to grant Leafcutter Designs the non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, and make available to the public worldwide.

2. Further to paragraph one above, by submitting your image to Leafcutter Designs you:
2.1 Warrant that your image is your own original work and/or that you have the right to make it available to Leafcutter Designs for all the purposes specified above.
2.2 Warrant that your image does not infringe any law.
2.3 Agree to waive any moral rights in your image for the purposes of its submission to and publication on leafcutterdesigns.com and for the purposes specified above.

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