Join Us for Knit The Sky Yarn Bombing


Calling All Knitters: Join Us for Knit The Sky Yarn Bombing!

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Summer is in full swing in Northern California and Knit The Sky, Lea’s debut knitting book, is all set for an August release. In anticipation, I’ve spent much of the past two weeks getting to know Lea and her wildly creative approach to knitting. To give you a taste of what’s to come, we’re kicking off our first ever Knit The Sky yarn bombing knit along!

The creative thread running through Knit The Sky goes well beyond a Sky Scarf or any particular knitting project. It’s actually an entirely new way to engage with your community and experience the world around you.

To introduce this more expressive approach to knitting, we’re putting out a call to knitters everywhere. Help us spread surprise and wonder with this quick and easy yarn bombing project. The best part? You can probably do it all with leftover yarn from your stash.

How To Participate

  1. Take a walk outside and appreciate something in nature. Look at the trees, smell a flower or contemplate the sky. Find something inspiring, no matter how small and insignificant it might seem.
  2. Based on what inspired you outside, pick an easy pattern. Maybe do these easy leaves, or this simple flower, or any other interesting pattern. Or design your own pattern and bust out a creative yarn bomb from scratch.
  3. Raid your yarn stash, and then start knitting!
  4. When your piece is finished, take a small piece of paper and attach a sweet note to your yarn bomb. Don’t forget to also write #knitthesky, underneath your fun note!
  5. Then take your inspired creation, and release it into the world. Find a park bench or a tree or a lamppost or just about anything. Snap a quick photo and then walk away. It might feel strange at first, and then you’ll feel free and maybe even a bit sneaky!
  6. Post your photo to Instagram and Facebook with #knitthesky, so we can find it and see what lovely things you’ve come up with!

We’re excited to see everyone’s wonderful Knit The Sky inspired yarn bombing projects and we’ll update this post with all your photos soon!

Pick a Pattern

Selecting a pattern can be a bit challenging, especially when there are so many things in the outside world to choose from. Nature is inspiring in so many ways, and it can be hard to settle on just one thing. So go with whatever you notice first. Or whatever speaks to you loudest.

In my case, I decided to knit leaves, a flower, and a raindrop. I chose leaves because of all the beautiful trees outside and a flower because of all the beautiful summer blooms. And a raindrop for the rain that I wish would come and California so desperately needs right now.

Here are the leaves I knit, with an easy free pattern by RobinHill that I found on Ravelry:



And here is the flower I knit, with another free pattern I found on


For the raindrop, I just knit one of the flower petals, in blue yarn, and it turned out pretty well:



Lea decided to freestyle. So she knit a dollar bill to show us that creativity is free!


Add A Little Note

Definitely don’t forget to write a little note on your yarn bomb before taking it outside. I wrote “do a rain dance” on my raindrop. On my flower I wrote “smell the flowers” and on my leaves I wrote “don’t forget to look up.” Underneath everything I added the hashtag #knitthesky, so that people can find my Knit The Sky yarn bombs online! Lea wrote “creativity is free” on her knit dollar bill. Definitely be creative and have fun with it. Write a note that you would be excited to find if you discovered the yarn bomb lying on a bench or hanging from a tree!

I attached my little notes to my cast off tail, which I intentionally left long:



Set your yarn bomb free

Think about where you might want to put your yarn bomb before going outside. Do you want it to be in a very public place or perhaps hidden somewhere in a tree as a little secret? Once you have an idea of where you want it to lie in wait, go outside and make it happen!

Lea and I placed my raindrop on a tree branch. I left a long cast off tail so it was easy to tie on to a branch:

_MMW6832 (1)



For one of my green leaves I tried setting it on a tree branch, but in the end I decided to tie it to a pine tree so it wouldn’t fall off so easily:

IMG_3140 2



For my two other knit leaves, I placed one low in a rose bush and the other high up in a shrub:




I gently placed my flower in a bush that looked as though it could use a beautiful summer bloom:



Lea placed her knit dollar on the street, as if it was lost money. In this case it soon became someone else’s found creativity:



Post to Instagram and Facebook

After you’ve picked a pattern, knit it, written a cute note, and placed your yarn bomb outside, the last thing you need to do is take a photo and post it online so we can see your awesome knit creation!

  • Take a pretty picture (or two) of your creation out in the world, upload it to Instagram and tag it with #knitthesky
  • If you’re into Facebook, post it there too, either on your page or ours. Also be sure to tag it with #knitthesky

Once you’ve posted your photos online, you’re done!

We hope you have lots of fun with this small yarn bombing project and that it helps you connect with both the natural world and your local neighborhood. Let us know what you plan to knit and how it goes in the comments below!


In Knit The Sky, Lea Redmond offers 32 wildly creative knitting projects that will inspire you to create beautiful finished pieces full of personal meaning and memories. These are knitting projects like no other! Instructions, tips, techniques and patterns are all included.

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