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Keep Me Posted Fan Mail to Anton the Ant

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Keep Me Posted is an easy way to show children how much fun letter exchanging can be.  Since the story is told exclusively through the sharing of the characters’ tiny mail, a few of our young subscribers have been inspired to pick up their pencils and write fan mail to Anton and his bug friends. With the help of a postage stamp, they are able to instantly become part of the story.  I believe it is an especially important and meaningful act for a child growing up in the modern world, where instant gratification is the norm, to take the time to compose a handwritten letter. We love receiving them, so please keep them coming!


to anton ant

A young admirer sent along some appropriately sized pens for Anton to use in his future correspondence.


dear moca

This reader ventures to guess the ending of the mystery while waiting for his last installment of the story. Good try!


The Almaden Country School, of San Jose, California, sent Anton an envelope full of different classrooms’ notes and drawings. They used items from our DIY Tiny Mail Kit to make mail that would be sure to fit inside a bug’s mailbox. The librarian was even lucky enough to receive a reply message from Anton to share with her students. Nice one, Anton!


kids letters

Each envelope contained an entire classroom’s messages.  *Crayons shown for scale


I think it’s the nature of the serialized storytelling that lets our subscribers’ imaginations run wild while they wait for the next installment. I imagine it would be especially fun for kids and parents to discuss what they think will happen next and to eagerly watch their mailbox together. We get quite a few grandparents purchasing this for their grandchildren as well. And sometimes adults buy it for themselves too, so that they can follow along together, even if they don’t live nearby.

Its a great way for children to experience the magic of “snail mail” while reading a fun story. The wait for a reply is a chance for a lesson in patience, too. For me personally, the wait is what makes sending mail so great! For children and adults alike, the mailbox will have new meaning for the recipient of Anton’s story.


If you would like to send some mail to Anton, feel free to send to:

Anton & Friends
c/o Leafcutter Designs
1528 6th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710




Click on the photo at right to learn more about our epistolary children’s story Keep Me Posted.  It combines the magic of a great story with the wonder of receiving real letters by mail.  When you buy two or more at the same time, you get a discount!



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