14 Gifts for Tea Lovers You've Probably Never Seen


14 Special Gifts for Tea Lovers

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We delight in helping you find the perfect unpredictable gift. If your friend or sweetie is a tea enthusiast, it can be challenging to find something both unique and useful. These 14 gifts for tea lovers hit all different price points, from $8 - 80. You're sure to find something to pique their tea-drinking spirit!

Here is our list of thoughtful, high-quality gifts that are sure to surprise the tea lover in your life.


Gifts for Tea Lovers: Mugs & Cups


Heart Shaped Cup and Saucer Set 

heart cups and saucers

What better gift for a tea lover than a pretty tea set with a touch of whimsy? These gold-rimmed tea cups have an indent so that when the cup is full it makes a heart shape. The different colors allow you to mix and match to your heart's content. 

  • Retail price: $69.99
  • Where to buy: Modcloth.com
  • Customer Reviews: Such a cute gift, comes ready to give in a round satin lined hat box. Makes having friends over for tea so fun. They are delicate but not too fragile.


Tea Bag Pocket Mug

tea bag pocket mug

These stoneware mugs make it easy to curl up on the couch and stay there. You won't have to get up to dispose of your tea bag. Your tea loving friend has plenty of mugs, but they probably don't have one with a built in pocket. Each mug is handcrafted so no two are alike.

  • Retail price: $34.00
  • Where to buy: UncommonGoods.com
  • Maker: JoAnn Stratakos creates each piece of pottery in her Pennsylvania studio. Each mug is hand-dipped in glazes that JoAnn creates herself.
  • Customer Reviews: The mug is uniquely beautiful and very practical. It will be sure to become their go-to tea mug.


Tea Infuser Mug Set

tea infuser mug

Another beautifully hand-made option is this wheel-thrown, hand-drawn, and hand-painted ceramic mug set with infuser and lid/saucer. The infuser is large enough to let tea leaves properly expand and the lid keeps the tea hot when steeping and then acts as a coaster when it's done brewing. In addition, this mug set is dishwasher and microwave safe. Check out the Toast Ceramics Etsy shop to see other patterns and the rest of their beautiful hand made offerings. 

  • Retail price: $80.00
  • Where to buy: Toast Ceramics (etsy.com)
  • Maker: Jackie Matelski operates her one-woman ceramics shop in Madison, WI. Comfort and function are her main goals, she wants her pieces to be your favorite item in the cupboard.
  • Customer Reviews: The prettiest mug I have, I threw out all my other inferior mugs. The craftsmanship is wonderful and worth every penny.


Infuser Travel Mug

glass tea tumbler

This travel mug is specifically designed for the busy tea drinker. To use, fill one end of the mug with tea and hot water, screw on the lid and flip over to drink. The filter end allows you to use loose leaf tea, a tea bag or even sliced fruit or herbs. The silicone sleeve helps keep the tea warm. For when its too hot outside, this travel mug can also be used for iced tea or fruit infused water. One of the best gifts for tea lovers with a modern design aesthetic.

  • Retail price: $28.00
  • Where to buy: Amazon
  • Customer Reviews: Super convenient for busy people. Great item, the only con is that the lid is screw on/off so not convenient for drinking in the car. This mug is large (20 ounces) so it lasts during my long commute.


Gifts for Tea Lovers: Creative Tea Mixes 


Chai Dice with Organic Spice & Herb Kit

chai dice and spices


Chai Dice encourages creativity, spontaneity, and an exploration of new intriguing flavors. For a complete chai experience, add on the optional Organic Spice & Herb Kit. The kit includes enough ingredients to make about 50 cups of chai with 24 different certified organic ingredients and a mesh tea strainer. It comes packaged up in a large stamped cotton sack.

  • Retail price: Dice Only $16.00, Dice and Spices $54.00
  • Where to buy: LeafcutterDesigns.com
  • Maker: Leafcutter Designs
  • Customer Reviews: Perfect gift for the tea drinker who has tried it all. A fun and unique approach to making tea. 


Tea of the Month Subscription


Your tea lover might have their own favorite brew, but variety is the spice of life! Why not let them sample new blends every month automatically? The one tea per month subscription option includes one specially selected seasonal tea, an extra tea sample, brewing instructions, and pairing suggestions. Each month's tea delivery is enough to make around 15-20 cups. There are options to purchase a  3, 6, or 12 month subscription. 

  • Retail price: One Tea/Month $10.00, Two Teas/Month $16.00
  • Where to buy: PlumDeluxe.com
  • Maker: Plum Deluxe specially blends tea in their studio in Portland, Oregon. They take the effort to source organic, non-GMO and fair trade ingredients.
  • Customer Reviews: A great gift that I get to look forward to every month. The tea smells and tastes so good! Not only do you get marvelous teas, there is a wonderful newsletter with all sorts of inspirational and motivational messages and recipes.


NovelTea Tins

noveltea tin

These tea tins are more than meets the eye. Each beautifully designed tin book hides an equally delicious tea inside. Once your recipient is done with the tea they can use the tin to store keepsakes (or more tea!), it's a two in one gift! The teas are paired with punny plays on classic book titles. For example, Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Earl Grey" contains Wilde's Rosy Earl Grey Tea Blend. Each tea comes in a 3 oz. resealable bag complete with proper brewing instructions.

  • Retail price: $35.00
  • Where to buy: NovelTeaTins.com
  • Maker: NovelTea Tins was able to launch their product after a very successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015. Based out of Berkeley, California the company is slowly launching more flavors and funny book titles as the company grows.
  • Customer Reviews: I love the creative and unique homage to classical literature. I often recommend this as one of my favorite gifts for tea lovers who also enjoy classic literature.


Gifts for Tea Lovers: Creative Accessories  


The Tea Towel

the tea towel

This smart infographic tea towel is as cute as it is informative. It's a thick absorbent cotton towel that also doubles as a conversation piece.

  • Retail price: $14.00
  • Where to buy: UncommonGoods.com
  • Maker: Stuart Gardiner is a London-based artist. He injects a sense of humor into his designs, offering an enlightening take on favorite food and drinks.
  • Customer Reviews: I got this for my mother, who is a tea enthusiast. I thought she would use it in the kitchen, but she liked it so much, she decided to frame it instead!


Bear Honey Pot

honey bear

This modern take on the traditional honey bear is a great addition to any tea tray. The hand-painted stoneware bear comes with a wooden dipper. 

  • Retail price: $20.00
  • Where to buy: Anthropologie.com
  • Customer Reviews: Great quality, functional and priced very well for what you get! Love this adorable kitchen staple!


Tiered Tea Cake Stand



A tiered stand made out of vintage plates is charming for a tea party or everyday use. This small server instantly elevates a chat over a cuppa into a fun tea party for two. 

  • Retail price: Prices vary, the one pictured is $22.00
  • Where to buy: Pretty Dish (etsy.com)
  • Maker: Wendy of Pretty Dish upcycles mismatched vintage china into new and beautiful tea party accessories. She also sells the most adorable vintage dollhouse furniture.
  • Customer Reviews: Beautiful piece and fantastic purchase. Arrived very quickly and as described.


The "Perfect" Tea Strainer

tea infuser

With the varied options for brewing tea, it can be hard to narrow down a great tea infuser. This stainless steel fine mesh infuser was created to be the be-all-end-all. It is large enough for tea leaves to expand to their full flavor potential and the mesh is small enough that particles will not escape into your brew. It is the perfect size to fit into most standard sized cups and teapots. Also included is a ceramic coaster to rest your infuser. 

  • Retail price: $12.00
  • Where to buy: DavidsTea.com
  • Maker: Davids Tea 
  • Customer Reviews: I have brought several other tea infusers in the past, but this one puts all of them to shame.


Novelty Tea Kettle

kettles canva

Add a little fun to the morning tea ritual with a novelty tea kettle. These designs come in a cute gift box, ready for gift giving. These kettles are made of enamel on steel (both inside and out) and the handle, spout and lid knob are made of durable plastic. Fun for kids and playful adults alike! 

  • Retail price: $35.00 - $38.00
  • Where to buy: ChickenGiraffe
  • More Reviews: Such a great addition to my kitchen. Looks great sitting on the stovetop when not in use. Love the train like whistle versus the normal high pitched shriek that kettles usually have.


Gifts for Tea Lovers: Bath & Garden


Tub Tea

bath tea

Does your friend love tea so much they want to bathe in it? Give them herbal bath tea and they can! The mix of herbs is specially selected to relax the body and mind. Each kit comes with a large tea bag and easy instructions. Simply place in a warm bath and enjoy!

  • Retail price: $7.99
  • Where to buy: Hickory Ridge Soaps (etsy.com)
  • Maker: Hickory Ridge Soaps is a small family owned business in Indiana. The company grew from a need to find natural, chemical free alternatives for getting clean.  
  • Customer Reviews: A tea bath is the perfect end to a stressful day.


Tea Plantplant kit

Let your tea loving friend grow their own tea! Even if they have brewed every type of tea out there, they probably have never grown a tea plant. The kit comes with supplies to grow two plants in pots and detailed instructions to make sure you get started right.

  • Retail price: $12.00
  • Where to buy: Plants From Seed (etsy.com)
  • Maker:  Plants From Seed is a UK based company founded by John Watkins. He grew unusual plants for years before putting all that experience into little kits for others to do the same.
  • Customer Reviews: Great gift for tea lovers. Can't wait to watch the seedlings grow.


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