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Care Package Ideas To Show Your Love

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There is probably someone you know who could use a care package as a reminder of your love. Is someone away at school? Is your sweetie overseas? Is a long-distance friend going through a rough patch? You can put just about anything in a care package, but they work best when they play up a creative theme. Here are a few of our favorite care package ideas and suggestions for deserving recipients:

Care Package Ideas For College Students

college student ideas

Especially for first-year students, time away from the comforts of home can be difficult. The following care package ideas can ease feelings of home-sickness, long nights studying, or a bout of the cold.

Finals Survival

  • my favorite honey lavender tea is delicious and calming
  • fun stress relieving toys are a welcome distraction
  • granola/energy bars for long study session snacks
  • gourmet candy for a sugar boost
  • giftcard to Starbucks or (preferably) a local cafe for those inevitable late nights

Home in a Box

Sundae Party

  • different kinds of sprinkles or small candies
  • jar of cherries
  • delicious small-batch caramel sauce
  • cute paper cups and spoons
  • don’t forget a gift card to the local ice cream shop so they can add the ice cream. If only you could ship the frozen treats too!

Get well soon

  • Gather tried and true cold care medicine so that they don’t have to
  • cozy socks to ward off chills
  • cans of chicken soup
  • box of soft tissues


Care package ideas For A Speedy Recovery

get well soon ideas (1)


Sometimes you aren’t able to be there in person for a friend who is sick or recovering from a medical procedure, sending a care package is the next best thing! The best care package ideas for those dealing with an illness are comforting to the body and mind. And for the best card to include in the package, Emily McDowell has a whole line of Empathy Cards full of the sentiments you really want to say.  

Homebound Box

New Mom Kit

Comfortable Hospital Stay


Care package ideas For long distance relationships

LDR package ideas

A care package is a perfect way to make the distance shorter between you and your love. Here are some of my favorite ideas to brighten up their mailbox and put a smile on their face.

Movie night

  • Pick out a couple of DVDs
  • microwave theater-style popcorn and a popcorn container
  • boxed candies
  • a note with the date and time to watch the movie at the same time. Consider making your own ticket for added fun.

Breakfast in Bed

Pun Play

  • Pick a pun and go all out with the theme of the items. Check out this list of cute things to say for inspiration. For example, “I’m blue without you.” would be an easy pun to send exclusively blue colored food and gifts.


Care package ideas For Troops

troops ideas

Care packages are especially meaningful for those serving in the military. Packages are a welcome reminder of home and how much they’re loved while away for deployment. Often it’s the simple things, such as a few snapshots and a hand written note, that will really make someone’s day. Here is a easy idea for your own military care package:

Love from Home

There are lots of other great lists out there for useful items that you can send in compliance with military mail rules:

  • JD of Semi-delicate Balance has a comprehensive list of care package ideas as well as helpful hints on how to send off your box to a deployed spouse. 
  • Tons of military care package ideas & tips can be found at Jo, My Gosh! curated by Navy wife, Jo. She has dozens of pinnable posts that you will want to save for reference.
  • Veterans United has a great post written by a veteran detailing what deployed troops already have too much of and what they actually want to receive. It is nice to hear from someone who was once on the receiving end!

If you don’t know a service member but still want to show your support and send off a package, organizations such as Operation Graditude forward care packages to troops. Due to increased security there is no longer a way to get individual names & addresses but you can adopt-a-service member with Military Missions and shop for an individual during the holidays. These sites also have curated wishlists to inspire your donations.


Even More Care Package Ideas

We have written about the joys of sending potatoes and handwritten letters on our blog, but now we wanted to share tips on sending care packages. Even if you talk and text with someone everyday, a package in the mail is a welcome surprise. Make sure you don’t let slip your package plans! 

To really make a statement you can decorate the outside of the box (making sure that the address is still clear) and the inside too. There are lots of printed duct tapes that are perfect for just that. Or you can just use markers to draw on the outside of the box. Write a haiku or song lyrics, just remember that the mail carrier will read your message too.  Use colorful tissue paper to cushion your carefully selected items or individually wrap everything so they get a box full of little presents to open. 

Postage Tips

Before you start, pick out your box or padded envelope. That way you’ll know how much space you are working with. If you are shipping USPS Priority, a medium flat rate box costs $13.45 and a large flat-rate box costs $18.75. This is usually the best option when sending out of state because it goes by one rate instead of by weight, which can add up quickly. And the box is free! If you are sending locally, sending by weight in your own box will probably be cheaper. For international shipping, USPS First-Class by weight is almost always the most cost effective. Whichever way you choose to send your items, you can do it from home with the USPS postage calculator

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