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Tiny Packages Surprise & Delight

Send someone a miniature surprise today! Be silly, romantic, or witty and whimsical. Your lucky recipient will delight in each exquisite detail. And they'll remember the fantastic sight of their World's Smallest Package for years to come. Ordering is super-easy!

  • Choose an object from our collection.
  • Select a witty message to include.
  • Or write your own custom message.
  • Add personalized "to" and "from" info for the outside.
We'll make your tiny package by hand in our Berkeley, CA studio within 2-3 days. Then we'll mail it to you or directly to your recipient.


Each Tiny Package includes:

  • A small object and clever message.
  • A crumpled copy of our original Small Times newspaper.
  • Personalized "to" and "from" info on the outside, with canceled miniature postage stamps.
  • "Via Airmail" and "Special Delivery" stamped by hand in red ink.
  • "Fragile - TINY - Handle with Care" and "This Side Up" stickers.
  • White twine.
  • Sturdy mailer for shipping: $3 US / $13 Int'l.


Use our suggested messages or write your own to make any object work for any occasion!
Click the orange button above (or any package below) to order. You can change your selection on the ordering page if needed.

"Where would I be without you?"

"You light up my life."

"You are as cute as a..."

"You put a bounce in my step."


"Go for it. Take a chance."

"I'm sorry. I wish I could take it back."


"Have a sweet birthday."
"Home sweet home. How's the new digs?"

"You're tops. Happy Birthday!"

"It's your birthday! Have a ball."

"Bon voyage!"


"Happy Birthday!"
"Thank you!"
"Get well soon!"

"Happy Graduation! The world awaits."

"You two are a wonderful pair."

"Cheers to the happy couple!"
"You're so hot..."

"Congrats on building your family."
"Here's to your new little peanut!"

"You're my little pumpkin."

"I think you're berry wonderful."

"You take the cake! Happy birthday."

"I'm falling for you."

"I pine for you."

"You're a hoot!"

"Wishing you much love and a little luck."

"Don't have a cow!
Everything's going to be okay."

"You drive me bananas!"

"You're the apple of my eye."

"Tweet tweet! I miss you."


"I'm toad-ally in love with you."

"I shell always love you!"

"You and me go together like Boardwalk and Park Place."

"You're a girl's best friend."
(Pile of diamonds)

"I'm hung up on you."

"I love how you strut your stuff."

"You're a real gem!"

"Let's make peace."

"Congrats on your new home!"

"Don't forget to study every once in a while."

"Scoot on over to my place sometime!"

"Hey good looking. Whatcha got cooking?"

"You and I are mint to be."


"You're eggstraordinary!"

"There's nothing semi about you and me."
[Special RED package]

"I'd be screwed without you!"

"You light up my life."

"Happy New Year! I love you to pieces."

"3...2...1... Happy New Year!"

"I'm so glad you've been naughty this year..."

Pick any Trade Token to go inside!
Add a custom message too.

"Don't ever change, baby!"
[$12, w/ 9 Seed Money coins]

"You'll never know how dear you are to me." [$13]
"I'm over the moon for you!"
[$49, w/ hand stitched necklace]

Need more help coming up with the perfect message? See lots more ideas here →