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Your secret source for playful gifts that surprise and delight!

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Five colorful editions to choose from!


Punch Boxes

Surprise someone you care about with one of our vintage-inspired Punch Boxes! They're playful objects with twelve small compartments containing messages that are only revealed when "punched" out. Go with our default creative messages or write your own for a custom edition!

There are five (5) themes to choose from:

  • I'm So Hot For You
  • Sweet Words
  • IOU
  • Full Moon
  • Go Outside

Key features:

  • 12 tiny compartments, each holds one scroll message
  • Full color graphics on front and back
  • Japanese washi tape makes the edges pop with color
  • Tissue paper provides just the right "punch"
  • Scrolls are loaded in no particular order
  • 3 inches square, 1/2 inch deep
  • Packaged in a glassine envelope
  • Made by hand in California

Great gift for:

  • Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day
  • Anytime you want to say: "You're neat. I like you!"
  • Birthday, anniversary (paper), engagement
  • Spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend
  • Mother, father, son, daughter


Fully Customized Punch Boxes

For large orders (50+ units) we can design and produce fully customized Punch Boxes with unique cover art and scroll messages. These fancy handmade greeting cards are wonderful for:

  • Wedding Invitations / Save-the-Dates / Favors
  • Party Invitations / Favors
  • Fancy Holiday Cards
  • New Product / Promotional Announcement
  • High-End Direct Mail Marketing

If you'd like to discuss design ideas or need more information, just submit the following form and we'll get back to you right away! For reference, pricing for fully customized Punch Boxes starts at $10 per piece.

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