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Flat $3 per US address. Read more in the FAQ


Just send it back for a full refund. Any time. Any reason.

Gift Wrapping

Flat $5 per order. Click to add or read more in the FAQ


We don't store credit card numbers and our SSL checkout process is fully encrypted.


$5.00 per delivery address

Gift Note (Max 150 characters):

Ship To:

Please Note:
Gift wrapping is not recommended for Tiny Letters or Tiny Packages. These items are already "wrapped" in materials that are an essential part of the tiny mail experience.

Gift Wrapping

Do you offer gift wrapping service?
Yes! For $5.00 per shipment, we'll wrap your goods in eco-friendly brown kraft paper and tie it up with colorful twine. We'll even handwrite a short custom gift message for you.

There's no limit to how many items you can have wrapped for the same flat $5.00 charge per delivery address. Our wrapping materials are appropriate for all occasions - holidays, birthdays, whatever. By default we will not include an invoice with gift orders.

How do I add gift wrapping service?
Write your gift note first, in the box at left. Then select the appropriate shipping bucket (i.e., Recipient 1, Recipient 2, or Recipient 3) that corresponds to the bucket containing the goods you'd like to gift. Then click the "Add To Cart" button at left. This will add a $5.00 charge and "Gift Wrapping" to your shopping cart. Then you can proceed to checkout or continue shopping.

By using our Recipient 1, 2, 3 system you can actually send gift items to up to 3 different people at 3 different addresses, each with a unique note, all under a single order.

What if I only want some items in an order gift wrapped?
No problem. Just use the same text entry box at left to tell us which items not to wrap.