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Connexio: A Game of Infinite Associations and Imagination

Connexio encourages imaginative thinking and reveals hidden connections between seemingly unrelated things. As you play, you can be silly or serious, deep or light-hearted, complex or simple. If you love poetry and storytelling, you're bound to enjoy playing Connexio. If you love thinking in complex ways about how the world works, you'll definitely love it!

Read more game play details below...

Key Features:

  • Great for kids (ages 6+), families, and adults!
  • Set up and rules are simple
  • Two ways to play: cooperatively or competitively
  • Game board includes two different configurations
  • Over 80 object-based game pieces included
  • Add your own game pieces over time to keep it fresh


More About Connexio
Connexio is a social game that serves up an endless supply of creative conversation. Often someone will reveal something - a memory, a poetic insight, a wild idea - that sparks a wider conversation that is so fun and interesting that everyone forgets about the game for a few minutes! The play is designed to be open-ended and each game is unique in that it reflects the personalities and passions of the players.

Relational thinking is known to lead to radically creative ideas; a fascinating story or poetic moment from a round of Connexio may just be a warm up for a breakthrough insight at work, a new perspective on a personal challenge, or maybe just a wonderful sense of the way everything is connected.

One charming aspect of Connexio is that you can add your own game pieces over time. Keep an eye out for small three dimensional objects - from the mundane to the marvelous - and add them to the bag.

Game Play Details
There are actually two ways to play Connexio. The first is the non-competitive method called "Anything Goes." Each player draws eight object disks out of the bag. Then players take turns placing a disk from their hand onto the board. With each play, you share a creative association out loud. For example, you might place the watering can in an open spot that connects to a peppermint via the dashed line and say something like, "together, these objects remind me of my grandmother's herb garden where she had a huge unruly mint plant."

Or you might connect the bell to the wheel and explain that you recently bought a new bell for your bicycle. The criteria for association are entirely up to you!

The second way to play Connexio is more competitive and is called "Prized Possessions." It is very similar to the first approach, except that you write down your ideas, vote on the best ones, and then win objects along the way to add to your collection. In this version, the player with the most objects at the end wins.

A few more example plays:
I might place a whistle down next to a plug and offer that you blow a whistle and can also blow a fuse.

Things get extra interesting when there are multiple connections happening at once. Let's say I place the vintage car game piece on the board in an open spot that's connected to both a dinosaur and a watermelon. I then explain that the car is connected to the dinosaur because cars are powered by fossil fuels which are buried deep in the earth like dinosaur bones. I then continue and say that I have an old photograph of my great-grandparents sharing a watermelon on their farm in Oklahoma from the 30s, the era when that vintage car might have been manufactured.

Lastly, you could connect a match to an airplane and say, "they both leave a trail of smoke behind them."

Want to know even more about Connexio? Read Lea's blog post on the origins of the game and its evolution from Infinite Possibilities to Connexio.