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Leafcutter Designs
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Creative Promotional Goods

Seed Money

Trade Tokens

Punch Boxes

Tiny Mail

Wood Dice

Paper Goods



Starting the Conversation
Caps? Pens? USB drives? Assorted schwag adorned with your logo just won't cut it anymore. Millennials want to connect with your company or organization in a sustained and thoughtful way. They're looking for a two-way experience and evidence that you share their values. We know this to be true because we hear it from our retail customers every day.

When you're ready to go beyond the logo, we'd love to work with you. As creatives with a full-service production studio, we design and make playful goods that engage your audience in new and surprising ways. We start with the assumption that the promotional item itself matters. It should be memorable, unique, and interesting.


With us, it's not about simply putting your logo here or there. We capture the spirit of your organization or business through a tangible, well-made object. Our goods are designed to elicit a response and often lead to back-and-forth conversation and further sharing. It's precisely this active participation from your audience that creates a durable brand impression. Shouldn't your promo items be as awesome as you are?

We're not a print shop, we're not reps, and we don't distribute anyone else's goods. We combine deep expertise in product design and packaging with an obsessive attention to on-time delivery. And we do it all right here in Berkeley, CA.


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Feel free to give us an assignment or propose a creative challenge. Or simply tell us a little bit about your promo idea and your audience. We'll get back to you with a quote and fresh ideas that we guarantee you won't hear from anyone else.

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