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The Living Trophy

A "living trophy" is a trophy that moves from person to person as it is awarded again and again.

It is a chance to show another person that you think they are wonderful and deserving of recognition. It's also a great way to put to use all of those old tennis trophies in thrift stores!

Here's how it works:
1) It begins with an old trophy. You can make your own or request that I send you one as a starter. In your email, please include your name, email address, and mailing address.

2) You remove the person at the top, and make a new top for a person that has done something worthy of an award.

3) You name the award and give it to the deserving recipient, i.e. you make their day.

Maybe someone gets a trophy for making you waffles? Maybe someone tells the best jokes? Grows the most beautiful broccoli?

4) After receiving a living trophy, the recipient should enjoy it for a few weeks and then make a new trophy top and give it to another deserving recipient.

Did you receive a living trophy?


Please fill out and submit the form below so that I can keep track of the travels of the trophies. I will add a pin and thread to my wall map and post the trophy story on the blog.

If you can, please email me photos of the trophy so I can post them. (To protect your privacy, I will not include last names or house numbers when exhibiting the stories.) Please enjoy your trophy for a few weeks and then make a new top for the next deserving recipient and award it to them.

Be as creative as you would like with the invention of your award and the construction of the trophy top. (I recommend making it out of cardboard or other 3-D materials and standing it up with the help of a little duct tape.)

Please also pass along the envelope of living trophy instruction sheets with the trophy. If you run out, you can download it and print out more here.

Then watch the blog for stories of the traveling trophies.

Do you want to start a new living trophy?


To begin, you can either find an old trophy in a thrift store (or your attic) and remove the top, or fill out the short form above to request that I mail you one.

If I am sending you a trophy, I will write a special code on the bottom of it so I can keep track of it as it moves. I will also include an envelope full of brochures to be passed along to each successive trophy recipient.

If you are going to use your own trophy to start, please make up a code (a few letters or numbers) and write it somewhere on the trophy or on a sticker on the trophy. Also, either download (here) and print a stack of the brochures to travel with it, or email me a request for a packet of brochures in the mail.

Next, make the living trophy for someone that you appreciate (see detailed instructions above). Before giving it away, please fill out the form below and if possible, email me some photos of your trophy.

Download and print Living Trophy brochure


Participants - please fill out and submit this form:

Name of award:
Reason for award:
Name of recipient:
Email of recipient (if available):
Name of award giver:
Email of award giver (if available):
Place/address awarded:
Date awarded:
Unique trophy code:

Will you email/send in pictures of the trophy?
If so, please email to:
or send snail mail to: PO Box 5358, Berkeley, CA 94705