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Game Peace

We're a bit sad when we think about the ethics of the board games we grew up with. In Sorry! players are rewarded by pushing other people out of their way. In Monopoly players try to own all the properties on the board and bankrupt their friends. In Battleship we blast each other out of the water.

Game Peace is an ongoing social art project in which small implements of war and aggression are repurposed for more peaceful ends. You are invited to join this global effort to spread a more peaceful and playful vibe. The mission is simple and the opportunities for expression are endless.

Here's how to play Game Peace:

  • Sift through your closets, garage, storage unit, whatever.
  • Dust off any vintage board games that involve aggression, war, or other ethically questionable behavior.
  • Use the game pieces and/or the board to make thoughtful life-affirming art in any and all disciplines: sculpture, collage, performance, etc...
  • Document your reinterpretations with photos:


Tips & Ideas for What & How


  • Make a geo-political statement or critique
  • Make a peaceful, personal gesture to someone you know
  • Make a peaceful gesture to a stranger, community, or organization
  • Make the game itself more peaceful


  • Rearrange the pieces and/or the board into a meaningful composition
  • Juxtapose parts of the game with other objects and images from elsewhere
  • Physically alter or adjust the game pieces and board; get crafty!
  • Redesign the rules for the game so it's played more peacefully
  • Place game pieces in a provocative context: a particular person's mailbox or a public place

For example...

  • Say you're sorry by handing someone an old Sorry! piece along with your words of apology
  • Float battleships in a bowl of veggie soup, invite your dinner guests to sink them with "whirled peas"
  • Send some Monopoly money in the mail to a politician that responds well to cash gifts
  • Try playing Sorry! with a new rule: when you land on someone else, you bump them to the end, not back to the beginning!
  • Just let your imagination wander and see where you end up...