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Say you have a crush on someone. Or maybe you're already a couple. Instead of sending her an email or calling him up, has it ever occurred to you to secretly fill her mailbox with tangerines or to dangle crayons from the tree outside his window?

The Creative Courtship: Objects of the Heart project explores mediums of romantic conversation and connection via a curated gallery of images, ideas, and personal stories. Use it for inspiration and then share your most thoughtful romantic triumphs with us.

Think outside the "inbox" and remember that we live in a vivid world of color and texture!

How to participate in Creative Courtship:

  • Download our "Creative Courtship Primer" PDF
  • Peruse the concept gallery below
  • Develop and launch your one-of-a-kind romantic overture!
  • Take pictures and post to Instagram: #creativecourtship
  • Report back to us via the form below



The Creative Courtship Gallery

A Mailbox of Tangerines (Lea)
Small sweet gems - each in its own natural packaging. They are still in season. He's lovely. So why not?
My Beloved Calls Me 'The King of Chapstick'... (Matt)
At any given time, I probably have at least two dozen chapsticks tucked in various places around our house, at my office, in my bag -- but I never seem to have one handy when I need it. She tells me that one day, to show me just how much she loves me, she's going to make me a custom chapstick holster, so I'll never again be without.

And when she does? I'm dreaming of reciprocating by crocheting her a little nose warmer, to keep the chill she so dislikes off the tip of her sweet and tender nose. What a happy and romantic pair we'll be, sporting the evidence of how much the other cares!


Ping Pong in the Mail (Lea)
Idea: Send your romantic interest a ping pong ball in the mail with a note written on it.

Include a package of blank ping pong balls for him/her so the two of you can play a game of ping pong through the mail, writing a new message each time. It's fun to put the ball loose in a box with no packing material so your recipient can hear it bounce around in the box!

Alternatively, send a blank ping pong ball as a puzzle of sorts and see if the other person sends it back to you or not!


Origami Message Cranes (Sarah/Mechelle)
My Boo and I will upon occasion make each other paper cranes. Each crane has to have a reason it was made, ie, "to make you smile" or "because its raining". We also like to date them.

A Treeful of Crayons (Lea)
Remember the book "Harold and the Purple Crayon"? Well, a romantic interest once told me that he was Harold for Halloween when he was in kindergarten, carrying around a giant cardboard purple crayon. And this just so happens to be my favorite book from childhood. So this one's for him. The idea is to fill a tree outside his window with dangling crayons. Who knows: the crayons might start coloring all those white blossoms in the night!

Envelope Paintings (Ron)
Years ago, I painted a picture on the opened up inside of an envelope, sealed it back up and mailed it to my fiancé. She's now my wife, of course...

Check out all of Ron's envelope art on Flickr

Toothbrush Notes (Jacque)
There's just something innocent but sweet about a toothbrush. Plus fun to find an unexpected message in the morning (or late at night!) when you probably need it most. The "now come kiss me" is a favorite. Other messages are: "hurry home," "smile, someone loves you" and "wish you could pack me in your suitcase too."

Tips for Successful Creative Courting

  • Download and read our 1-page PDF primer
  • Customize your idea or object to your wonderfully unique recipient
  • Make it personal, use some bit of information only you know
  • Consider starting an open-ended back and forth activity or exchange

How Did It Go?


Tell us about it...
and we'll include a quick write-up in the gallery.
If you want to send more photos, that'd be swell. Just email them to Lea.

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