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We recently worked with Brittany and Nathan - a lovely couple from Portland, Oregon - to design and create a big batch of custom wedding invitations for their special event. While we've made plenty of custom tiny-themed wedding invitations, we came up with some wonderfully unique extras this time, including a miniature map with directions to their ceremony and a nifty RSVP scheme with red and blue buttons.

The Invite
The invitation component of this snail mailing includes:
- A tiny card with a hand-illustrated typewriter on front and the relevant ceremony details inside
- A tiny map printed in full color
- An airmail themed tiny envelope with red and blue stripes, recipient name and address, return address, and a tiny canceled heart stamp


The tiny invitation: map, card, and airmail envelope.

Freshly cut envelopes! Note the "OR" for Oregon in the spot for the tiny canceled ink stamp.

Freshly cut envelopes! Note the "OR" for Oregon in the spot for the tiny canceled ink stamp.

I did a sweet little pen and ink drawing of a typewriter for the front of the tiny invitation. With extremely small type, we added "So many stories yet to write..." on the tiny paper in the illustration. We chose American Typewriter for the font in keeping with the vintage typewriter theme.


The maps got folded up real small to fit inside the envelopes.

Production in progress here - note the tiny folded maps!

Brittany and Nathan also wanted to do an RSVP with a similar airmail theme, so we bounced around a few ideas and settled on a really unique button concept. Each invited guest received two buttons alongside their wedding invitation - a red one and a blue one. If they could attend, they sent the red button back to the bride and groom-to-be. If, sadly, they had to decline, they sent the blue button back instead.

Red for yes we'll be there, blue for regrets.

Red for yes we'll be there, blue for regrets.

As a final crafty flourish, I hand-typed the RSVP return envelopes on my grandmother's Royal Typewriter from the 1950s.

It not only looks vintage, but sounds that way too!

It not only looks vintage, but sounds that way too!

The RSVP all packaged up with a real wax seal stamped with a heart.

The RSVP all packaged up with a red wax seal stamped with a heart.

How It All Turned Out
When it was all said and done, here's what Brittany and Nathan had to say about their airmail wedding invitations:

"I think at this point everyone has responded to our invites and they are a total smash! So many people told us the same thing 'these are the most awesome things ever,' we got a lot of 'so creative,' and the like. They're blown away at what you do and how creative it is! We're so happy to have had your help in doing something so totally different and unexpected. No blue buttons yet, either! : )

Thank you from the bottom of our normal sized hearts,
- Brittany & Nathan"

Thanks Brittany & Nathan - it was super-fun working with you!

Thanks Brittany & Nathan - it was super-fun working with you!

Design Your Own Custom Invite
Are you or someone you know engaged? Looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding invitation that fits your personality and will surprise and delight your guests? We love to make creative and unique invitations! We can do all sorts of design variations and are more than happy to brainstorm wild ideas with you. You can see many examples of our custom work here: http://www.leafcutterdesigns.com/shop/wsps/bulk.html or feel free to drop Lea an email to discuss your idea: lea@leafcutterdesigns.com.

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10 Responses to Tiny Airmail Wedding Invitations

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  3. megan says:

    soooo cute! and a wonderful unique way of shaking up the traditional invitation.

  4. Ok, that is the best invitation I have ever seen. Period. Loving the button and the wax seal too.

  5. Annie says:

    Beyond cute! What a fun and creative idea. I especially love the button “responses.”

  6. learedmond says:

    I love your idea giddygirlie. I was also thinking they could be strung together into a necklace or bracelet or something… Or even stitched onto the wedding gown?!

  7. suzi poland says:

    there’s creativity and there’s talent and then there’s … Lea Redmond! This is the essence of a little goes a long way in wishing the couple a big future. Thanks for sharing :)Suzi

  8. giddygirlie says:

    What a beautiful concept! I hope they can incorporate the buttons into the wedding decor. Wouldn’t it be sweet to see all those tiny red buttons together?

  9. Ginger says:

    Absolutely lovely!

  10. Jerri says:

    OMG! This invitation kit is amazing, Lea! You are soooooo talented, so creative, so incredibly inventive! Congrats to the couple, as well!

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