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Why Buy Creative Gifts from Leafcutter Designs?

We know there are thousands of places to shop on the web, and we couldn't be happier that you've ended up right here with us.

Where you shop matters. Every time you make a purchase, you cast a small but important vote for the people and activities you want to support. Collectively, these decisions add up and every so often they even change the world.

Here are a few important reasons we think Leafcutter Designs is deserving of your vote...

Made in the USA
Our goods are made in California by wonderful people with names like Sonya, Kira, Emily, and Lea. We're delighted to employ local folks instead of outsourcing to factories in far away places. We believe that making things with your hands is a valuable and essential part of being human, and love that this personal touch is evident in our goods. Wherever possible, we use recycled, biodegradable, organic, and domestically-produced materials. Read more here...

Be A Superstar Gift-Giver
Our #1 objective is to make sure you feel awesome giving someone a curious good from Leafcutter Designs. Nothing is more important than your relationship with friends and family. That's what we all live for, and we know that finding just the right gift can be stressful. We make gift giving easy, fun, and rewarding for you and your lucky recipient. We offer all sorts of items that work great for folks that are supposedly "impossible to shop for."

Fresh Goods
Our original goods are designed to inspire playful new experiences, low-tech fun, and creative activities with friends and family. Leafcutter goods are unlike most other gift items in that they combine elements of art, craft, and game play in surprising ways. We believe no one is ever too young or too old to laugh, play, and enjoy the world from a slightly new angle.

We're Reachable & Personable
Got a problem with your order? Did something not arrive on time? Have a question? Just email Kira: kira@leafcutterdesigns.com or call us in the studio: (510) 984-0487. A real person with a real name will get back to you shortly. We'll make sure you and your recipient are happy with your order, no matter what.

Super-Easy Returns
Every now and then something just doesn't go over quite right. It doesn't happen very often, but if it does, you can return anything for any reason within 30 days. No need to get an authorization number or battle through a mind-numbing phone tree. Just send it back to us with the packing slip and we'll run the refund right away.

International Shipping
Unlike many online shops based in the US, we remain committed to shipping internationally. Despite the burden of customs forms, rising shipping fees, and the challenges in relying on foreign postal services, it's important to us that our goods are available to everyone around the world.

Safe & Secure Checkout
We offer many different ways to check out: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and PayPal Express. Heck, a few customers have even sent us personal checks! Our online payment process is fully encrypted and we don't keep credit card numbers on file. Shopping with us is 100% safe.