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American Made

Every Leafcutter Designs good or service can trace its origins to one of Lea's well-worn sketchbooks that line the shelves of our creative studio in Berkeley, California. Our ideas soon evolve into rough prototypes and are then refined through many rounds of playful testing and exploration. When it comes time to make a big batch, we go to great lengths to source materials domestically and make as many of our goods as possible right here in the United States.

Why It Matters...

Keeping an Eye on Quality
We're super focused on quality and are committed to making goods that look fantastic and will last for years to come. By producing locally, we're able to keep a close eye on everything in real-time. If something doesn't turn out exactly how we designed it, we know it right away and will tweak the process until everything is groovy. We then continue to make improvements on an ongoing basis in response to helpful feedback from our lovely customers.

A Small Environmental Footprint
Trasporting raw materials and finished goods over long distances is a major source of carbon emissions and contributes to climate change. We minimize the overall impact of what we do by sourcing materials as close to home as possible. We also make a lot of small goods with a very high value to weight ratio!

The Worker Experience
Most of our goods simply can't be made by machine and instead require a considerable amount of hands-on attention. And we like it that way! We enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that every person who has a hand in making our goods is paid well, comfortable at work, and free to take a break and help herself to a cozy cup of tea. Our workers are awesome!

Respect for Artists and Creatives
We're grateful to be working and living in a society that values artistic exploration. Countries that protect freedom of expression and the rights of creative people to share their work openly deserve our support, and we're happy to do our part to keep the US economy strong.