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The Leafcutter Designs Story

Leafcutter Designs is a creative studio in Berkeley, CA run by artist Lea Redmond and her brother Devin. Most days in the studio, you'll also find Emily carefully making big batches of our creative goods and Lauren shipping out orders, talking to customers, and sharing new ideas on the blog.

We seek to create a more playful and peaceful world by offering curious goods, unique promotional and custom products, and participatory social art projects. Lea and Devin also develop original content for various partners, including book and gift publishers.

The World's Smallest Post Service began as a quirky art project in 2008. Lea strapped a tiny wooden desk to her back and bicycled to a nearby bakery, where she set up her miniature post office for the first time. Since then, this service has expanded online to offer tiny custom letters and cards, as well as packages with whimsical objects and sweet messages. We've sent tens of thousands of tiny mail items to recipients all over the world, and we'd love to send along a tiny missive for you!

Leafcutter Designs also offers custom invitations for weddings and parties, wildly inventive promotional products, and direct mail concepts. We love finding just the right idea, thing, or words to deliver your message with creativity, personality, and maximum impact.

Our participatory projects invite you to experience life in whimsical, thoughtful new ways, and are open to all. Whether you're a knitter, a writer, a romantic, or just about anything else, we'd love to include you in these creative adventures.

Many of our goods started out as handmade gifts for family and friends. After seeing lots of people enjoying our goods, we decided to make bigger batches. We try to make everything as close to home as possible with eco-friendly materials. We hope that our curious creations inspire your own playful creativity and delight your loved ones.

More About Lea

Leafcutter Designs has been a bustling workshop since 2008, but Lea's been making things like this miniature paper Coke machine since she was itty-bitty.

When she was a kid, sometimes her parents would pull her out of school for the day and the whole family would play hooky at the art museum. Later on, she decided that anything can become art when thoughtfully considered. No museum needed – just boundless curiosity.

Lea continued to be curious while attending Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA where she studied philosophy and environmental studies. Her honors senior thesis project was about the curious ways that artifacts and words catch our attention and invite us to have life-changing insights.

Before starting Leafcutter Designs, Lea curated an exhibit about the history of wool in the Pacific Northwest, spread the word about Fair Trade Certified coffee, taught a bookmaking and haiku class at The Edible Schoolyard, coordinated a creek restoration project at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, and even assisted a scent alchemist for a spell. Lea believes that the smallest most subtle experience can change the world.

More About Devin

Lea's brother, Devin, does all of the ho-hum things required to run a quirky business. He makes the website look awesome, keeps the to-do list in ship shape, and works to partner with other businesses to bring our creative ideas to life. Devin also manages our wholesale relationships and supplies our crafty goods to plenty of wonderful shops around the world.

Devin attended Williams College and later met his wife in the graduate MBA program at Berkeley. They have a young son and an even younger daughter, both of whom already love to play in the Leafcutter studio.

More About Emily

Emily made her first Tiny Package in 2013 and has never looked back! If you've ordered tiny mail, a custom Punch Box, or another handmade item from Leafcutter in the past few years, chances are Emily made it for you. Her attention to even the smallest most exquisite details knows no bounds!




More About Lauren

Lauren joined Leafcutter in mid-2015 and quickly became our go-to problem solver. You can think of her the same way! Lauren has years of experience making sure customers are happy and everything is shipping out on schedule.

Need help with your order? Have a random question? Want to thank someone for getting it there on time and in good shape? Lauren's who you want to talk to!